Mentoring scheme & Manuscript reading service

There are limited opportunities to engage in a one to one mentoring scheme with Neil Rollinson. Access to this scheme is through submission of a small collection of poems (up to 20). It is best suited to poets of intermediate standards who are looking towards a first pamphlet or collection, and who, ideally, ought to have already had some poems published.

One of the major frustrations for young or new poets is accesss to published writers. Having a professional who can take time to develop a manuscript with the poet and offer more than a mere cursory glance at their work. Anyone who has spent four days on an arvon course, where I have taught extensively, will know that frustrating feeling of not having had enough time with the tutors. Usually, two sessions of 15 minutes. All for a fee in excess of £600. Arvon of course offers a lot of other value, including time to write and a happy collegiate atmosphere, and has been part of the creative writing landscape for 30 years. We all love Arvon.

M.A.'s offer more, but again, I've heard students grumble about the level of access to the lecturers and too much peer group input, (a friend recently told me that in a group session on his M.A. one insightful comment on his poems was - well, that's a bit weird. I don't really get poetry!) Students aren't interested in the opinion of their peers, who, like them are unpublished amateurs, and value only the input of their personal tutors. With fees anywhere up to £9000 nowadays, you have to ask yourself if that represents value, in terms of access.

With this in mind the novelist Jill Dawson set up a company called Gold Dust which filled this gap very nicely for novelists. http://www.gold-dust.org.uk/
Have a look, and see what you think.

In view of the need for such a scheme I am offering an opportunity for a good, sustained period of access to help develop a short manuscript. This will last for a period of one year, and include four in-depth, detailed reports of your work, with three face to face meetings/tutorials, either in person or on skype. The duration of these tutorials will be up to three hours each. There will also be an option for informal access through email throughout the year.

For those who feel that a year is too much of a commitment, for whatever reason, then a less intimidating six month mentoring options is available on request.

Manuscript Reading Service.

For less experienced writers, those who are just starting out and need help with their early poems, or for those who don't have a full manuscript, the reading service gives an in-depth professional reading and report of up to 6 poems.

If you are interested please contact me through the contact page for fees and further details.